Within the past decade, Asphalt Paving has grown in popularity in Canada and all across the region. One of the primary reason is that Asphalt Paving is durable, safe and provides a smooth ride. Staying on top of the changing trends in the construction industry, our team at ACL mastered the art of Asphalt Paving without a minute dent to disrupt driver satisfaction.

For ACL, our goal is to convert roads into smoother routes and help satisfy not only our clients but also the public. Using construction processes with zero or minimal public disturbance, ACL is committed to providing value.



ACL is honored to have the respect and recognition that it does in the industry today, and we persistently intend to sustain this reputation. Using innovative methods and a partnering approach with clients, our team of expert construction professionals is all set to help you construct the next big project!

  • Dedicated Team
  • Focused on Innovation
  • Customized Solutions


  • What does ACL stand for?

    ACL is an abbreviation for Arsalan Construction Ltd.

  • What is the timeline for the project?

    At ACL, we custom-tailor solutions for every project based on the clients’ unique requirements. As a result, the timeline varies, on a project to project basis.

  • How big is the company?

    Although ACL was started by a small group of construction professionals working as construction managers, it quickly transformed into a multi-discipline construction company. At the time, ACL is a mid-sized company.

  • Where is ACL's headquarter?

    Our head office is in Delta, B.C. – Canada.

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