Using a partnering approach with Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation, in 2018, ACL took up the project in Granville Island to remove the track and remediate the road.

Amongst several services which ACL offered, ACL helped upgrade the existing road network, including the removal of paving bricks and railway tracks. Upon the completion of reinstating the previously built infrastructure, we layered the roads again with asphalt paving and rebuilt the curbs.

As a result, Granville Island, as beautiful as it already was now had roads which are proven to stand the test of time.


Project Type Asphalt Paving, Track Removal and Road Construction
Client Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation
Completion Year 2018


A beautiful peninsula and a reputed shopping district, Granville Island is located in Vancouver, British Columbia,¬†Canada. The island is home to 275 businesses and employs more 2,500 people to maintain its grace of being one of Canada’s main tourist attractions.

Upgrade existing roads along with the removal of paving bricks and railway tracks to reinstate roads, curbs, and asphalt.

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