Over two decades ago, a group of young entrepreneurs driven to carve their destiny in the construction industry came together to set themselves a bigger goal. Backed by their passion for innovative technology, construction, and civil engineering, they were all working for some of the leading construction companies in North America, at the time.

In the process of working on mega-projects, both nationally and internationally, they decided it was time and together they founded ACL.

In 2010, ACL was founded in British Columbia, Canada, specializing in construction management.

Within a short span, ACL saw rapid growth, with several projects completed, and ACL continued to unravel services which eventually converted the company into one of the leading general contractors.

Today, ACL has strived through 8 years of providing high-quality, innovative construction services in Canada and still believes to have a very long way to go.

On this mission, ACL is set to honor its reputation in the industry to meet the requirements both, in the public and private sector. We continue to establish grounds to diversify and define the construction industry in North America and remain persistent in our efforts to proceed to become the leading construction company in Canada and the US.


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